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ENGINE Media Exchange Data Connected Marketplace™ Expands with Audigent SmartPMP™ First-Party Data Solution

Digital media buyers now have access to SSP-level data from top publishers – delivering precise targeting, greater scale, and forecasting 

ENGINE Media Exchange and Audigent Partner

NEW YORK – February 2, 2022ENGINE Media Exchange (EMX), a leading SSP and end-to-end technology solution, and Audigent, the leading data activation, curation, and identity company, have teamed-up to expand the first-party data capabilities of EMX’s Data Connected Marketplace™. As a result, digital media buyers using EMX’s SSP will benefit from Audigent’s SmartPMP™ product, which leverages inventory and data from established publisher and data partners. Audigent also provides digital media buyers with capabilities to optimize during campaigns which allows for continuous improvement.

As a preferred SSP of Audigent’s SmartPMP™ product, EMX provides greater audience lift, targeting, scale and delivery. EMX’s data connected marketplace has proven to drive 2x lift in audience reach.

“The cookieless future is powered by new ways of thinking about data, and EMX is prepared with our expansion of the Data Connected Marketplace™ with Audigent’s leading identifiers,” said Michael Zacharski, CEO of ENGINE Media Exchange (EMX). “Our partnership also reinforces our commitment to provide media buyers with greater fidelity, accuracy, and visibility in ad targeting.”

EMX’s Data Connected Marketplace™ shifts data application to the SSP and provides buyers a self-serve audience builder tool that provides forecasting and full visibility into addressable inventory and pricing. Included in a campaign as a single deal ID, Audigent’s Smart PMPs™ enable the projection of audience scale and direct supply-path optimizations, streamlining the buying process. With the integration of Audigent data, EMX Data Connected Marketplace™ will now provide buyers with more value and flexibility.

“Leveraging unique data through Audigent’s SmartPMP product in combination with ENGINE Media Exchange’s direct-to-publisher marketplace has enabled more efficient and impactful audience executions at scale for our campaigns,” said Greg Langer, Director, Programmatic Supply, Havas Media.

“The future of programmatic is the simultaneous curation of media and data. With EMX, we will be able to bring curation to life with the incredible breadth of premium supply. Built on our Hadron identity – these are solutions that will drive value now and continue to perform into the cookieless future,” said Greg Williams, President, Audigent.

As an independent end-to-end programmatic solution, EMX has invested in creating technology that solves key issues that have challenged the industry. Historically, private marketplaces have been owned by DSPs and built on cookies, requiring triangulation between data platforms, SSPs and DSPs making PMPs traditionally unreliable prior to launch in terms of scale. EMX Data Connected Marketplace™ is not reliant on cookies and offers brands self-serve forecasting tools that provide buyers confidence in cross-channel PMP performance.

EMX Data Connected Marketplace™ is one of several recent products EMX has launched as it has shifted to a cookieless business model, including Device Graph+ and Exchange BI. For more information on ENGINE Media Exchange’s products and solutions, please visit https://enginemediaexchange.com/

About ENGINE Media Exchange (EMX)

ENGINE Media Exchange (EMX) is a leading, end-to-end technology and programmatic solution, purpose built to evolve today’s digital marketplace. EMX brings truth, transparency, and integrity to the programmatic ecosystem, solving key issues that have challenged the industry. It creates both programmatic and managed service solutions designed to unify advertisers, platforms and publishers across digital media channels — including CTV, Video, Display, Search and Social. While recognized as a leading global independent solutions provider for the digital marketplace – EMX is ENGINE’s fully owned technology and programmatic solution and powers its media business. ENGINE is a global, full-service media and marketing services company that unites culture and commerce to move brands forward faster.

About Audigent

Audigent is the leading data activation, curation and identity platform.  Audigent’s pioneering data platform unlocks the power of privacy-safe, first party data to maximize addressability and monetization of media at scale without using cookies.  As one of the industry’s first data curation platforms powered by its unique identity suite (Hadron ID™), Audigent is transforming the programmatic landscape with its innovative SmartPMP™ and ContextualPMP™ products, which use artificial intelligence and machine learning to package and optimize consumer-safe data with premium inventory supply at scale.  Providing value and performance for the world’s largest brands and global media agencies across 100,000+ campaigns each month, Audigent’s verified, opt-in data drives monetization for premium publisher and data partners that include: Condé Nast, TransUnion, Warner Music Group, Penske Media, a360 Media, Fandom and many others. For more information, please visit: www.audigent.com.