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ENGINE Media Exchange (EMX) Introduces “Exchange BI”

The Industry’s First Log Level Data Dashboard, Reinforcing Its Commitment to Transparency

As First SSP to Provide Real-Time Log Level Data, EMX Sets A Higher Standard for Industry Transparency

NEW YORK (June 28, 2021) – ENGINE Media Exchange (EMX), a leading SSP and end-to-end technology and programmatic solution, today announced the launch of Exchange BI (Business Intelligence) log level data dashboards, continuing its commitment to leading the industry in transparency. Exchange BI provides unprecedented pricing and fee transparency including charge price (CP) and passed bid (PB) price, offering clients complete visibility into inventory buying and bidding transaction data. Using the Exchange BI dashboard, buyers instantly understand not only the supply they are purchasing, but also how efficient their bids perform at auction and with end publishers.

“In today’s on-demand environment, clients need to understand how their media is working, and how it can be improved. With Exchange BI, we’re raising the bar in programmatic advertising by putting control at the fingertips of our customers, allowing them to uncover the truth of what is happening in their programmatic auctions,” said Michael Zacharski, CEO of ENGINE Media Exchange (EMX). “Exchange BI is revolutionary in the sense that we are able to grant access to actionable data through our real-time data pipelines to information that is typically only available ad hoc to advanced data engineering and data science teams.”

As an independent end-to-end programmatic solution, ENGINE Media Exchange has invested in creating technology designed to bring transparency to the programmatic ecosystem and that solves for key issues that have challenged the industry. The technology that powers Exchange BI dashboards is the product of early investment by ENGINE Media Exchange, dating back several years. Zacharski added, “EMX is committed to providing a higher level of transparency for the industry and for our clients that instills trust and creates value throughout the programmatic supply chain.”

Exchange BI’s custom-built dashboards that are updated in real-time allow for comparable day-over-day or month-over-month analysis. The raw data behind each chart is easily exportable, and views can be customized for each user, offering flexibility. Exchange BI provides granular pricing transparency.  Major holding companies including HAVAS, IPG, Publicis currently utilize the dashboards to provide real-time data transparency to their media.

“At EMX, we believe the programmatic supply chain should operate like any other supply chain where customers have relationships with all components of the chain and understand the value each partner brings and understand how their business is being done,” said Zacharski. “That’s why transparency is so essential to our DNA.”

For more information on ENGINE Media Exchange’s products and solutions, please visit https://enginemediaexchange.com/.

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About ENGINE Media Exchange (EMX)

ENGINE Media Exchange (EMX) is a leading, end-to-end technology and programmatic solution, purpose built to evolve today’s digital marketplace. EMX brings truth, transparency and integrity to the programmatic ecosystem, solving key issues that have challenged the industry. It creates both programmatic and managed service solutions designed to unify advertisers, platforms and publishers across digital media channels — including CTV, Video, Display, Search and Social. While recognized as a leading global independent solutions provider for the digital marketplace – EMX is ENGINE’s fully owned technology and programmatic solution and powers its media business. ENGINE is a global, full-service media and marketing services company that unites culture and commerce to move brands forward faster.