EMX is now EMX by Big Village. A leading end-to-end programmatic technology group, EMX by Big Village is a premier supply side platform (SSP), data platform and media trading desk focused on the planning, buying and measurement of CTV and omnichannel media. Visit big-village.com to learn more. *full website experience coming in September

EMX is the #1 Premium SSP

Higher standards. Inventory quality. Truth. Transparency. Integrity.

EMX is raising the bar with a higher composition of premium publisher direct inventory than other leading SSPs.


    • EMX is the #1 Top SSP for Premium Publisher Controlled Inventory
    • EMX is among lowest Multi-Hop Resellers, Cheap Reach Suppliers and Made for Advertising
    • EMX supply over-indexes 2.2X for the top 50 publishers that receive the Jounce Media  Stamp of Approval vs. other exchanges

Why This Matters:

When you access inventory from EMX SSP, you have 100% confidence that your dollars are being spent on high quality supply built to perform to clients’ objectives without compromising scale.

EMX is the #1 Premium SSP

With the highest composition of premium direct supply among leading generalist omnichannel media web exchanges*

Insights from Jounce Media Supply Analysis

Quality Matters

    • There are 50 web publishers that get the Jounce stamp of approval (Hearst, DotDash, Ziff, etc)
    • EMX supply over indexes 2.2X for these 50 publishers vs. other exchanges.

And quality drives effectiveness

    • Direct paths to those 50 publishers demonstrate a 25% lift in campaign conversion rates
    • EMX offers a premium PMP with these publishers

Activate EMX Premium PMP Certified by Jounce Media Now.



For more information, reference Jounce Media report https://jouncemedia.com/research-portal/monthly-spo-reports-blog/may-2022#read