EMX is now EMX by Big Village. A leading end-to-end programmatic technology group, EMX by Big Village is a premier supply side platform (SSP), data platform and media trading desk focused on the planning, buying and measurement of CTV and omnichannel media. Visit big-village.com to learn more. *full website experience coming in September

EMX Platforms

Designed to lead the programmatic evolution

EMX Platforms

Purpose built to evolve programmatic


RTBx is EMX’s real-time bidding exchange, built around a number of patented technology developments, providing a competitive edge in infrastructure costs, auction dynamics, user data processing, delivery speeds and page efficiencies.

EMX’s header bidding wrapper is designed to put publishers back in control. BiddR°360 provides full customization and complete transparency — so publishers can optimize their header bidding stacks on their own terms. Our one-stop solution gives publishers the ability to create client-side auctions through a single, easy-to-use interface, providing the power to edit, optimize, and pause bidder set up at any time.


Exchange BI is our proprietary online portal for dashboard reporting and campaign management providing the data and insights to help you optimize along the campaign lifecycle, outperform benchmarks, and plan future media strategies. Gain a deeper understanding of your campaigns and streamline data.

The Local Marketing Cloud is built specifically for brands with large networks of brick-and-mortar retail locations, LMC helps you scale your local media. Automate thousands of locally customized, locally targeted digital ads to increase your media performance while eliminating manual work.

API connections to Google, Bing, Facebook & Instagram ad platforms

Google, Bing, Facebook, and Instagram API connections